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30-45 minutes 

1 location

15 edited images


package $100

Package 1


1 hour

1 location + 1 wardrobe change

25-30 edited images


package starts at $175

Package 2


2 hours

2 locations + 2 wardrobe changes

40-45 edited images


package starts at $300

Package 3



Package 1


1 hour

1 location

20-25 edited images

package starts at $250

Package 2


2 hours

1 wardrobe change + 2 locations

35-40 edited images


package starts at $350


Package 1


3 hours

meet before wedding, wedding party, ceremony, reception

100 edited images


package starts at $700

Package 2

4-5 hours

meet before wedding, bridals, details, first-look, wedding party, ceremony, reception

200 edited images


package starts at $800

$100 for each additional hour at wedding

with additional images



Hello! I'm already looking forward to our session. While doing a shoot, my priority is that each image will incorporate your unique personality, hobbies, or significant other. Before our session, we'll talk personally

about how to make our time together fit who you are!


What comes with my photo package?

Portraits : Packages include 15-45 images, a 1-2 hour session, an optional wardrobe change, and location change. Prices start at $100.

Engagements : Packages include 20-40 images, a 1-2 hour session, an optional wardrobe change and location change. Prices start at $250.

Weddings : Packages include 100-200 images, within a 3-5 hour period depending on which package you select. Prices start at $700, the price of your package and number of photos are dependent on what parts of the wedding I'll be shooting.

Love your pictures? Additional images can be bought after you've received your package.

All prices are dependent on the number of images you select, additional wardrobe changes, or location changes.

When do you receive my payment and in what form?

I take cash or check. For weddings, the set deposit is due on the meeting day prior to the event and the rest of the payment is due within the two week period prior to the wedding.


For all other sessions, I will receive your payment in full the day of the session since there is no meet scheduled.


When can we expect our images?

I'll provide a login code you can use on my 'Preview' tab for you to get a sneak-peak of your session! You can view these images a few days after your shoot. Depending on the season, the rest of your images will be delivered to you within 1-3 weeks.


Can we print our images?

Absolutely! To get the most for your money, wedding packages come with a link to a drive with the images from your session. The print size, quantity, and color will be however you like since the printing is up to you.


Can we meet before our wedding?

Most definitely! Before any wedding, I always grab a cup of coffee with you and your fiancé to discuss the arrangements for your booking. We'll talk through the details and each have a clear picture of what you're wanting on your special day.


What's your style during a shoot?

Close to 90% of the time, my favorite shots are the candid ones! My priority is making you feel yourself and develop images that describe and incorporate you and your loved ones story while you interact. Feel free to bring any props that portray your personality and interests. The moment I'm with you, it's all about you!


What kind of setting is ideal?

Two words: natural light! An outdoor setting is beyond ideal and also helps bring more personality into portraits. Unique images require getting out of your comfort zone and are always worth it!


What kind of equipment do you use? 

All of my equipment is Nikon: Nikon D3200 body, AFS 35mm lens for all portraits, 18-55mm for general shots, and my 55-300mm ED for landscapes.


All of my images are processed on my MacBook Pro that's ideal for editing with a Retina display on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

The cost for the photo package of your choosing must be paid up front on the day of the shoot unless otherwise noted. Additional images may be purchased upon viewing the photos, which can be added to the cost of your total package.


As a photographer who is passionate about what I do, I can assure you that I would not provide you with any photos that are not polished and edited to my standard. Because of this, I do not offer any refunds. I must be compensated for the time spent photographing, editing, and contacting the client as well as equipment cost and transportation. The day of the shoot, I'll provide you with a contract that's to be signed to reinstate you understand and agree with these conditions. Other questions? Feel free to send me a messageI'm excited to hear from you!




Madeline McGee

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