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  • Blog Posts

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"Madeline is a pleasure to work with. She is an enthusiastic, hard worker who collaborates well with others and demonstrates a solid grasp in her field.

Over six months, she led a team and fully grasped our needs, successfully developed and analyzed potential strategies, and effectively packaged and communicated detailed findings and recommendations. Her efforts and outcomes far exceeded our expectations. Our club implemented and invested in many of the ideas put forth by Madeline and her team and we have already seen positive results. I highly recommend Madeline. Her work ethic,

self-motivation, communication abilities, and people skills would be an

asset to any endeavor."


- Tillman Pittman,

President of the Arkansas Fly Fishers Association 

Arkansas, Fly Fishers, Little Rock, Social Media, Public Relations, Brand Analyses

"Madeline jumped on my team less than two days before the biggest event of our organization's annual calendar. Madeline grasped the goals of our social promotion for the event with incredible speed. Without prompting (or much) guidance), she immediately took on the task of organizing our social calendar for the minute to minute coverage on the day of the event. She researched social accounts to tag and made invaluable suggestions for content. 

I found Madeline to be a driven, self-starter. The thing I liked most about her is that on multiple occasions over the 48-or so hours we worked together, she went above and beyond to exceed expectations. (A perfect example is an

e-mail that's sitting in my inbox right now--the morning after the event--that outlines the metrics and social reach for our work yesterday. I never asked her to do this and didn't expect her to. She just did it.) Honestly, after my experience with her over the past 3 days, I would hire her permanently for my team if I could."


- Steve Rice,

Founder of Start Here Little Rock, 

Director of Marketing and Communications at the Venture Center

The Venture Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, Social Media, Global Investor, Investors
The Venture Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, Social Media, Global Investor, Investors

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