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Madeline McGee, Advertising, Social Media, Photographer, Freelancer, Little Rock, Freelance

Madeline specializes in social media

strategy, advertising, and photography. 

She is based in Little Rock, Arkansas. 


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Madeline is a advertising strategist, writer, and photographer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. She loves learning a client's vision and building their brand with creative content while working towards tremendous results. Madeline is available for freelance work and travel.   Read More...

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Thoughts on Current Events

This past week was an eventful and saddening one for the world.

Prepare yourself for a much heavier post than usual... My thoughts on the attacks in France, Iraq, and Lebanon were first of complete horror, pain, and then anger. I heard of the terrorism in Paris after recieving a saftey notification from Facebook on my phone as soon as it happened. I was so confused on how such a thing could happen. Immediately began reading what happened and messaged my friends to see if they were safe.

Since then, I've watched hours of news coverage, read article after article on the events, and prayed. It has been incredible to see the US united in support of France. It's also been obvious how Iraq and Lebanon has had little-to-none coverage in their equally as horrific events along with earthquakes and devastation in Mexico and Japan. Some would say there's too much happening at once, but then there's the argument with Missouri college students.

When Mizzou students protested, I was just as up-to-date with the events in Missouri as I was in Paris and I cared about what they had to say. From the video footage I watched from their protest during the homecoming parade, Mizzou's cause was communicated appropriately and peacefully.

What wasn't appropriate was the president's response (or lack of) to the students actions. The president of the college has the duty to handle student affairs and treat them with legitimacy and concern. It was clear that the protesters would not have had to protest if the president had been doing his job. However, just as the president didn't respond appropriately, the students returned the favor.

During the presidents resignation, students celebrated and acted immaturely. What was a peaceful and mature action turned into something quite the opposite. That was to be expected, however what shocked me was reading the students tweets after the attacks that happened overseas.

As I said before, when the Mizzou protests occurred, I gave it the attention it was due because it was done with respect. What is disrespectful is when the spotlight gets shifted elsewhere and the same students throw a fit. Saying that America should only worry about what's occurring in Missouri is simply arrogant. Not one person has died over there and saying that what's happening at their university is the equivalent of terrorism is ludicrous.

Further thoughts...

My trip abroad next semester I don't beleive will be in jeopardy, however our spring break travel plans will most likely not work out with these last events and how much could change in the next five months.

I know that terrorists intentions are to do just that, cause fear. World traveler, Rick Steves, said yesterday that, "Tomorrow Paris will be no more dangerous than it was the day before that terrible Friday the 13th. I also believe that security throughout Europe will be heightened in response to this attack. Remember: There's an important difference between fear and risk."

ISIS is a threat and one to take seriously. Since the Syrian refugees immigrated to other parts of Europe, the cities the world has always known in Europe are undergoing massive change due to the influx of immigrants and difference in culture. I can only pray that Europe's security will prevent more attacks like these we just witnessed from continuing to happen.

My prayers will be of people all over the world whose lives have been effected from the numerous disasters this past week and our world leaders as they face difficult decisions that impact the whole world.

With a heavy heart,