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Madeline McGee, Advertising, Social Media, Photographer, Freelancer, Little Rock, Freelance

Madeline specializes in social media

strategy, advertising, and photography. 

She is based in Little Rock, Arkansas. 


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Madeline McGee, Suggested User, Instagram, Advertising, Social Media, Freelancer, Freelance, Advertise, Business, Google



Madeline is a advertising strategist, writer, and photographer based in Little Rock, Arkansas. She loves learning a client's vision and building their brand with creative content while working towards tremendous results. Madeline is available for freelance work and travel.   Read More...

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Go Local - Food

As adventurous as I am, it's a challenge to branch out of the restaurants I frequent and try new food. Well this month I made it around to trying a collection of good eats.


Price Range: $8 - $15 + TIP

The Fold serves Mexican food with a kick on Old Cantrell Road. The inside of the restaurant is one you'll remember with motorcycles hanging from the ceiling, a bar, colorful seating, and an outdoor patio.

I just couldn't get enough and went there twice in a week! Though I like to save a few bucks and skip the appetizer, their cheese dip is worth the money!

My first dish there were beef tamales. They were incredible, topped with white queso and pico (my favorite). The pico packed a spicy punch with the jalapeño.

They also have BBQ pork tamales and spicy ones with jalapeño. The tacos are another popular choice. They have many different choices but I went with the beef and chicken. Both dishes come with a side of rice and my tamales came with black beans too. I highly recommend The Fold to any Mexican food fanatic.


Price Range: $12- $25 + TIP

Star of IndiaI've been raving about Indian food ever since I tried Banana Leaf last spring. not only had phenomenal food but also incredible service and atmosphere.

My dish was the Chicken Curry with naan (which is a pita-like bread). My friends got lamb and goat, all of which I enjoyed but I naturally preferred mine the most. Chicken Tikka Masala is another Indian favorite of mine. Don't go there in a hurry! The atmosphere is very laid back and you're given a generous amount of time to review the menu. The price tag was a little more than I'm usually comfortable with, but is justified from the large portion size and overall experience.


Price Range: $8 - $13 (no tip)

This little Asian restaurant that used to be a bank is located downtown. I had no idea of its whereabouts 'til a friend of mine suggested it for dinner together.

Their dumplings, hot rolls, and noodles are their specialties I was especially impressed with the chicken dumplings. You can choose a non-spicy, medium, or spicy sauce to top of your choice of dish.

I got the non-spicy sauce with the medium sauce on the side (it was SO hot). You can top your dish with a selection of spinach, greens, and other toppings.